Information regarding our breeding program and our puppies:

We have been breeding Labradors since 2001 and have numerous families that have 2, 3 and even 4 of our Labradors (at one time). We will be happy to put you in touch with any of our families to get stellar references about us, our puppies and our breeding program. We are always here throughout the life of your puppy for any help, support or just to share stories and pictures.

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All of our puppies are raised inside of our home. We do not have kennels. Puppies are born in our bedroom and stay there for several weeks so we are able to watch them constantly. At 3 days old until they are 16 days old, they are given the Early Neurological Stimulation method to make for better/stronger puppies/adults. At about 3-4 weeks old, puppies are moved to our living room, where they are exposed to additional sights, sounds and stimulations. (music, television, children, vacuuming, toys)


We evaluate the puppies at 49 days using the Volhart Temperament Testing, this ensures that we match the right puppy to your family. (We do not allow the family to choose their puppy as this has proven to be ineffective in finding the right puppy for the family. We will not know which puppy will be going home with you until AFTER this evaluation)  We offer a 26 month warranty against hip dysplasia and a lifetime warranty against Progressive Retinal Atrophy. All of our puppies are sold on limited registration with a spay/neuter requirement.


Pups are de-wormed at least 3 times before coming to your home. They will also get their first set of shots at their well checkup visit from the vet. We feed high quality food, these foods contain the appropriate calcium and phosphorus levels necessary for a large breed, this ensures they will not grow too fast and end up with orthopedic problems. We will send you a list of supplies to get for your new addition a week or so before the puppy is ready to go home. We will also include the name of the food that we recommend you keep the puppy on.



We do NOT allow visitors until the pups have had their first set of shots which is approximately 7 weeks, which ensures the safety of our puppies and all of our adult dogs as well.


We do require a $500 non-refundable holding fee, once we have approved your family, to hold your puppy.

Pricing on our puppies start at $2,800 depending on parents. All of our parents have health clearances as well as multiple generations of health clearances.


Do your research prior to choosing a breeder as this is a 14-15 year commitment. There are numerous breeders out there indicating they do health clearances on their dog, when in fact they have NOT done the appropriate health clearances. (“My vet said they were healthy” is NOT a health clearance)

There are breed specific health clearances that we complete prior to any of our dogs being bred. More information can be found on our "Links" page.

Always ask to see proof of the health clearances on the parents. Hips, elbows, Eyes, EIC, PRA, CNM, and Dilute. (AT THE MINIMUM)


We will always be here to answer any of your questions and offer lifetime support and advice for our Mythic Labrador families.

The easiest way to contact us is via email or via our Facebook chat as we are normally out with the dogs and hard to get to the phone. We definately want to be able to chat once we have all our doggie duties done. Hugs, kisses and belly rubs!